Is it possible to sort a list in Scriv?

I have a style sheet for the WIP, just a list of words and phrases I want to keep consistent on the rewrite, and it would be ever so much easier if I could just sort it alphabetically. Is there provision to do this in Scrivener, or should I export it to Word and do it there (I think I can use the Table function) and then bring it back?

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You can install an OS X service to do that kind of thing. Devon Technologies, the guys who develop DevonThink, have a free one called WordService, which does sorting and a few other neat things: – after installing, you just select whatever text you want to process, go to Scrivener > Services > Format > Sort Lines Ascending/Descending.

Hmm, I have run into a glitch, jebni, maybe you can walk me through it. I downloaded WordService, then copied it as instructed into a Service Folder in my Library (I had to create the Service folder, as none existed). To be safe I did so in my main Library, and also my Adminstrator’s (personal) library. Then as instructed I logged out, and logged in again. But I can’t find WordService :cry: It doesn’t appear in the drop down menu for Services in Scrivener, or in any other applicatoin–Stickies, TextEdit, etc. What have I done wrong?


Ooops–upon searching my Finder, I discovered many folders named “Services”: Internet Services, NetServices, Library–Documentation–Services, Sync Services–none of which seem to contain any of the options that turn up in Scrivener’s drop-down Service menu. I am utterly confused now. I trashed the Services folders I created and am now back to Square One.


And the rest of you geeks can get up off the floor and stop laughing at me. :blush:

Make sure the folder is called “Services”, rather than “Service”, and it can be in either the main /Library folder or the user ~/Library folder. Put the “WordService.service” plugin in EITHER of these locations, but not both. Log out and log in again.

EDIT: Actually, perhaps you need to restart if you’re put it in the main /Library folder. Not sure. Can’t hurt.

Oh, also note that WordService doesn’t show up as “WordService” in the actual Services menu – if I remember correctly, it appears as two separate submenus: “Format” and “Convert”. Sorting appears in the “Format” menu. I guess this generic naming actually makes more sense when you’re in the thick of working, and are looking for an action to apply, rather than thinking of the name of an application.

AHA!! :smiley:

Yes, there it is, under FORMAT. And of course I was looking for WordService everywhere. There are numerous drawbacks to being a literalist.

Many thanks!!


A little “best practices for you”.

  1. Don’t put things in /Library unless you really really really know what you are doing. Any items you add in this location are global so if you have a problem fixing it is not trivial.

  2. Do put things in /User//Library (where is your user name). These items are only applied when logs in. Fixing problems here is much easier.

  3. Make 100% certain you follow the directions exactly. Service should be Services as jebni mentioned.

  4. 90% of the time best practices are not important. The problem is the other 10%. So try to stick to best practices as much as possible.

BTW until we start calling you Vic-K we are not laughing AT you.

Thanks, Jaysen. Actually, I put it in /Library and it’s working fine, but you’ve made me nervous. Should I move it?

vic-k II

Technically there is no need. But if you were someone I provided real support to, say snort, then I would demand that you move it to ~/Library.

Hope that make sense.

Poor girl :frowning: Doesn`t bear thinking about.

Dammit, something’s screwed up. I don’t know whether this is the result of Snow Leopard or the Scriv upgrade, but I suspect Snow Leopart. The Service menu has entirely changed–instead of the nice clean list I used to have, I get the option of entering into OmniFocus or creating a sticky note. No FORMAT, no CONVERT, nothing that will help me sort this list I AM DOING FOR MY HUSBAND AS A FAVOR INSTEAD OF MY OWN WORK. GRRRRRR. Someone??? Jaysen??? Jebni?? The wordservice app remains steadily in my SERVICE folder in MY Library (not the main library). Help before I murder someone. :imp:

Murder is bad. Don’t do it. Just drink more and kill brain cells.

Wait, isn’t that murder too?

Anyway, SL changed the way context/service menus work. I have not upgraded yet so i can’t tell you how to fix it.

For the record, it is things like this that folks like me try to avoid by not upgrading.

Let’s see how many heads explode while reading that last sentence.

You would be proud of my sleuthing so far, Jaysen. I found that it IS possible to get Wordservice 2.7 to work under Snow Leopard, but damned if I can do it. Apparently, you have to go to “Keyboard system preference, Keyboard Shortcuts panel, Services item” and enable WordService. But of course when I try to do it, I can’t FIND WordService anywhere to enable it. :imp: You will blanch when I tell you I moved WordService from the Services folder I created in my own library to a Service folder in Olivia’s MAIN Library, but that didn’t work either. Damn damn damn. :imp:

My son is refusing to upgrade to SL for the very reasons you are as well.

Is the sun over the yardarm yet?? VIC!!!

I am a bit surprised that any mac service would really want you moving files around. Does WordService have an installer?

Next question is “exactly what are you trying to do?” Just a plan text list of words you want sorted? Couldn’t you just write a sorter?

Assuming file.txt has the list in a column you can sort them in alpha order with a simple command line

sort file.txt ? sorted-file.txt

I know I am missing something. I should probably reread the thread, but … I don’t want to.

Just a reminder.

You are speaking Greek, Jaysen, and I haven’t even got into the ouzo yet.

I have no idea what you mean. I can write novels. I haven’t got a clue how to write “sorters.”

WordService is a nice little thingie that I downloaded from DevonThink, opened up and put in a Services folder I created in my OWN library (after you cautioned me above in this thread not to put it in the Main System Library. Yes, all I wanted was to sort lists alphabetically (i.e. ascending). And everything worked FINE. Then today my husband who is a complete and utter computer luddite had a list of music stuff he wanted sorted alphabetically so I blithely said, Email it to me, the Expert. Which he did. Whereupon I started to tear my hair out when I found I could no longer sort it via the Services menu in Scriv or xPad, which I used to do easily once I figured out it was FORMAT I was looking for, not WordService per se (again, see above). Of course with Snow Leopard now all that has changed, and the Service Menu is streamlined and supposedly convenient and is driving me to DRINK.

I have no idea how or where to put a command line, or how to type it or anything but I am deeply grateful for your misplaced confidence in me. What I really want to do is throw my husband’s music collection out the attic window and hope he goes after it. :smiling_imp:

Instead I am going downstairs to pour myself a nice gin and tonic.

After which I may or may not go kick the dog.

Time, Gentlemen!!

I have no idea how this happened–I did in fact log out, log in, yadda yadda, but just now when I went to my little Apple in the upper left corner and clicked through the Keyboard, etc, process outlined above, there in plain sight were the options Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, and a bunch of other stuff that wasn’t there five minutes ago. So I checked them and opened my husband’s file in Scriv and lo and behold, I was able to sort it fine.

Carry on.

(must be the G&T that did it(

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Technically you should kick Mr. Mum. It is his list. Unless you have adopted vic-k. Then kicking may not be strong enough.

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But then I could be wrong. What do I know?

Did you log out after moving the file?

Who remembers at this point? :laughing:

Seriously, Jaysen, reading this:

makes me think you should be writing ad copy for Baccardi. You’d make a fortune.

You have certainly made ME thirsty enough for a refill. And you can’t blame that on vic-k either. :smiling_imp: