Is it possible to use "Scrivenings" group mode selectively?

I am working on a large Scrivener project that is made up of multiple documents. Many of these documents themselves contain subdocuments, that contain notes that are relevant to their parent document. I have these “notes” subdocuments marked so that they aren’t included in the final compiled document, but when I want to view my project in Scrivenings mode I can’t see how to exclude these subdocuments. Is it possible to do that?

If you include among your selected items an empty document, then your Scrivenings mode session will not automatically include subdocs of selected docs. I forget what the logic behind this is. (And it just needs to be a doc w/o subdocs included in the binder selection. The fact that it is empty is not the important part. It is just that if your binder selection does not already include such, you probably don’t want to throw in a contentful doc just for the purpose, hence the utility of keeping an empty doc around for the purpose.)

You can Command-click on individual documents in the Binder and they will be loaded into a Scrivenings session without any intervening documents being included. Cmd-click is part of the system shortcuts and works like that in the Finder and every other situation I’ve tried it in.


EDIT: I have only tried this with simple documents … it might not work with documents that have children.