Is it possible to use templates

Is it possible to use the templates written for the Mac version that are available on other parts of this site on the Windows version?
Where does Scriv for Win store its templates?

The easiest way to do that will be to download the .scrivtemplate file, and then use the New Project window’s option button to import from a file, and select that template in the file dialogue window. As for whether or not they will work: old ones won’t, so check the dates on them and if they are older than Nov. 2010 they might not work because the old version of Scrivener for the Mac used file formats that can’t be read on Windows.

Note: As of 1.0.3 there is a small bug where importing a template file can result in it not being immediately visible in the new project interface. Just close the window and then bring it back up and it should appear.