Is it safe to delete crud in 'group containers' folder

I needed to do a search for a Scrivener file today, so I used EasyFind to search my SSD for .scriv files. It came back with nearly 2k entries, the vast majority of which appear to be either support documents or crud that could be deleted.

They are all in the user~Library~Group folder.

There are lots of folders within that folder with numeric names such as ‘C-01BDAE47-3D13-4C39-9CC8-57AAE2B58889’

There are hundreds and hundreds of files with names such as: ‘’

They nearly all start with: ‘’

Is it safe to delete this stuff? Or is it needed?

Never mind - think I have an answer:

‘Copied’ is a clipboard manager I have on my mac, and it’s made by ‘Udoncode’. So that folder clearly relates to that app and not to scrivener. The reason the link to .scriv files is showing up is because so much of my cutting and pasting is done in Scrivener. I guess I need to ask Udoncode if it’s safe to delete all that stuff.

I was going to say, none of that stuff looks like anything we generate. :slight_smile: It should have no bearing on your Scrivener projects. As general advice though, when cleaning the ~/Library folder I like to move things to another place for a few months (or until it can be tested directly) rather than trash it on the spot. If I find out I wiped out a bunch of important data by doing so, I can usually simply move it back.