Is it safe to update embedded media files in RTFD?


I have some PDF diagrams, possibly some PNG images that I include in my scriv documents using Insert / Image from file.

I want to set up some automation to update these when needed, as Scrivener does not seem to update based on the original source that was inserted.

Is it safe to replace these within the .scrivproj e.g. by scripting? Amber thought Scriv might index any text in pdfs embedded in RTFDs which might be unsafe.



Could it be a solution for you to open your PDFs etc. from the binder i. e. work on the copies in the Scrivener package instead of the original PDFs outside of the project?

I seldomly do more with PDFs than highlight a passage here and add a comment there. To do so I right-click on the PDF in the binder, open and alter it in Preview, save, and refresh the item in Scrivener by clicking on another item and then back on the altered one.

Your workflow might be totally different so this would come very unhandy for you. Then just forget it.

But if not you would have to open in a final step the Scrivener project and drag the PFDs out as copies. This would only be necessary once at the end and you would not change anything in the project file.

By the way: I hope that a) automatic refresh of an item altered in another app and b) dragging items OUT of Scrivener will be part of version 1.5.

PS: I must apologize for bursting into what was meant to be a dialogue between you and Keith.

Suavito, good advice in general. However the issue that caused this query to be raised is coming from a slightly different angle because the PDFs need to be generated periodically from outside of Scrivener. So this is about a lot of dead-end PDFs (ones you wouldn’t want to edit directly as that would fork from the source application) in a project file and needing a way to keep them all up to date with minimal fuss.

Details here

Any word on whether this is a safe thing to do?

Thanks … Sophie