Is it safe to upgrade to Catalina?

could you please inform us when will it be safe to upgrade to Catalina?
Thank you,

Personally I would wait in general, maybe another month or two, for Apple and other developers to finish smoothing over the worst bugs. I’m in no rush to upgrade myself, I just have it on a test disk for when people report problems with it.

But specific to our software, unless you use Scrivener in another language than English, it is safe to upgrade; just make sure to apply the 3.1.4 upgrade before doing so, to avoid a bug in registration getting lost (there is a bug with bold and italic shortcuts in localised version).

Scapple still has both bugs, so if you depend on that, make sure to have your serial number ready.

Thank you for your answer. I write in Italian but the my GUI is in English. Anyway, I’ll wait. Too many people are complaining about bugs, even in the .1 version.
Thank you.

I have upgraded to catalina and no problems with scrivener

I upgraded to Catalina, but now I can’t compile to Kindle format. How/where do I get the newest Kindlegen so I can restore that functionality?

EDITED: Never mind. I found the Kindle Previewer software and installed that, restarted Scrivener, and it worked. I’m back up and running.