Is Literature & Latte trying to force us to Mac's?

Didn’t think a message was necessary but need one to submit.

No, I don’t think so. It’s hard to port a software product to a new computer system. Especially so if the original program uses features and functionality of the first OS that doesn’t exist, or which work differently, in the second OS. The developers spend a LOT of time testing, fixing, testing until they are thoroughly sick of the whole thing.

I can name a couple of primarily Windows software publishers who really struggle with their Mac versions.

Hmm, just wondering.
Have hung in here for quite some time and listened to quite a bit of rhetoric along the way. Would certainly not wish to realize it is for naught.


There are only two ways that I can think of that it would be for naught: 1) If L&L decided to trash the Win v3 version, walk away from further Windows development, and become an Apple-only platform. 2) L&L just keeps working on the Beta and never releases Win v3. Do you honestly believe either of these scenarios is a possibility?

Posts like yours always take me by surprise. My assumption is that we are all adults here, but then a post like this comes along that sounds like it has given no more thought to the situation than the little kid in the back seat crying “Are we there yet?”

Have you somehow missed the fact that they’ve released 10 beta versions, each with increasing levels of functionality and features? Have you somehow missed the fact that the current beta has nearly all of the promised new features and that L&L’s primary focus seems to be bug stomping?

What are you thinking? That’s a sincere question, as I’m sure in your own mind you believe you are behaving quite rationally. But I just don’t see it.

Oh, I realize all that bit plus my post was, in part, somewhat tongue-in-cheek.
I help a small group of older aspiring writers of the windows persuasion. One by one they are throwing their hands up and just buying Apple equipment so they can settle into the program and concentrate on their writing.

I will stay with windows equipment due to other work demands.
Soooo, will keep on keepin’ on in the belief it will resolve itself in it’s own good time.



The windows’ market is bigger than apple’s. There is no other program like Scrivener.

The apostrophe in the title is wreaking havoc with my OCD.

LOL! I was able to overlook that until you pointed it out! This forum needs a way to +1 a post!

This just proves that writers are not grammarians.

If we’re going to insist on that level of accuracy, merely wishing small details to be correct is not OCD.

OCD is a debilitating condition that has many symptoms, and trivializing it to the point of “you used an apostrophe incorrectly” causes pain for people who really do suffer from the real thing, whether you intend it to or not.

Devin, you must be a hoot on 75 meters… 8)

A lot of people think I’m a hoot from a lot closer, but your kilometerage may vary.

If you choose to be offended by an off-the-cuff remark, then perhaps the internet isn’t the place for you.

Just a thought.

“Be polite” is the rule of these forums: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=40997

We do sometimes stray from that rule when things get heated, but this isn’t “the internet.” This is a privately run forum, where it’s absolutely acceptable to ask that people not use disabilities, genetic traits, or other aspects that are out of the control of individuals as insults, even if those insults are self-descriptive.

If you can’t be polite to people who might be silently bearing yet another signal that they’re not welcome here, then maybe this forum isn’t the place for you.

I am always surprised that people see or hear commentary that is meant to help reduce the level of friction people cause each other and choose to interpret it as taking offense.

No, it was thoughtless, as was the original comment (although that ones seems to be unintentionally so). Having an actual thought doesn’t take much time or energy, is usually pretty painless, and can make things a little bit more kind for others. Why is that so bad? Who taught you to confuse virtue with being insenstive to others, and why did you believe them?

Well, that certainly was an interesting collection of words. :unamused:

Nope, the comment was not checked for possible offence, because if every comment, every word in a book, every blog post, news article was curtailed because it might offend or upset someone then I’m pretty sure nothing would ever get written.

You are entitled to have a problem with the comment, of course. And if you think it’s so offensive then feel free to request the moderators to remove it and have me banned or burned at the stake or whatever else floats your boat. Bu all I’m seeing here is your desire to project your precious sensibilities, and that really is just about you.

But have a Happy New Year all the same.

Yes, and yours weren’t. :smiley:
You also seemed to miss Rdale’s well formulated collection of words. Maybe “Think before you write” would be a wise goal for 2019? :wink:

PS. Sorry Katherine, I know I should keep quiet. :slight_smile:

To reply to the original post.


Recognising the superior quality and lower TCO of Mac computers, the guys at L&L are secretly encouraging everyone to Mac.

Now before certain people get highly offended that is my sick English/Kiwi/Aus (born/raised/reside) way of saying chill. Too much opinionated posturing.

To the original poster, though I don’t know Keith personally, from the few years I’ve been using Scrivener and frequenting this forum, there is no way in hell I could see him wasting months of time and $$ on such an exercise. Scrivener Win V3 will be released when it’s polished to his standards.

(Meanwhile, buy a Mac) :smiley:

A lot of snippiness in this thread…

But, I’d like to voice my displeasure in the lack of Windows features. I used to use Excel and Word for my organizing and writing, but recently switched to Scrivener to have all the information in one file. I guess I should have done a little more homework because I would not have paid for a product missing many features just because of the platform I use.

Specifically, what drove me to this forum was looking for how to create document templates. I can only find how to do it on a Mac (if there’s a way to on Windows, somebody please point me in the right direction!!) I guess I don’t understand why they would develop something that caters to one specific machine. When asked about Scrivener, I’ll definitely make sure to mention the limitations on a Windows machine as something to consider before buying.

And, no…I’m not buying a Mac.

The Mac version v3 certainly has features that Win 1.9 doesn’t, but Document Templates isn’t one of them. How to create document templates in Windows Scrivener 1.9 is hiding in plain sight, in the manual. See Section 7.5 Document Templates, and feel free to post any questions you have.

Do let us know of any other features that you believe are missing. :smiley:


You seem proud that a feature that’s been on Mac for years (their official YouTube video on it was posted back in 2010) was finally add for Windows users. You also seem proud of the fact that it was included in an update I had no idea was available because Scrivener didn’t bother to let me know. No in app notification. No email. Glad you’re so proud.