Is Literature & Latte trying to force us to Mac's?

I’m not sure if proud is the right word, but whatever, I’ll take it.

That said, I did answer your question and point you in the direction of document templates, and I offered to answer any other questions you have, but you didn’t even bother to thank me. So what does that make you?

Document templates were added to the Windows version of Scrivener around five years ago.

Well, It’s about time! What was the hold-up? :laughing:

Here you go mysticmeg,

Under the Help menu / Check for Updates and below that Keep up to Date. There you go,.No need to feel butt hurt that they didn’t email you personally. The facility for you to update was there all along.

No need to thank me. I just found a tube of gloating cream. I only logged on to rub it in…