Is 'Michael' a girl's name?

If it is, then ignore this post!

If it isn’t, then I think there is something in the word lists used by the name generator that suggests it is. I just generated 20 female names and one of them had the first name ‘Michael’. I have all the include checkboxes unchecked in the options box :slight_smile:


According to Wikipedia, there are at least two known instances of females who were named Michael (instead of the more typical Michelle/Michele/etc): actresses Michael Learned and Michael Michele!

Probably a mistake though. Ha.

Here in Israel, Michael [מיכאל] is mostly a guy’s name, and the female version is Michaela [מיכאלה]. Another derived name, Michal [מיכל], is a feminine name in Israel, but you might find “Michal” as a masculine name elsewhere in the world. BUT! Trendy parents in Israel do uncommonly name their daughters Michael (the “masculine” version)! Some masculine-names-turned-feminine are popular around here mainly among the younger generations.

Curious how others will define the name, I searched my favorite baby name sources: also has ‘Michael’ as a girl (click the pink button for girls). has Michael also as a girl’s name. claims Michael is a masculine name.

The Social Security Administration has Michael as a top popular name among males in 2009: …and when I searched it as a female name ten years back, what I got was “Michael is not in the top 1000 female names for any year of birth in the last 10 years. Please enter another name.”

If you search you’ll find “Michael” for boys, and “Michaela” for girls.

So. In short.
Michael is mostly a masculine name, and rarely a feminine name.

Anyone who’s ever had a Bangles poster on their wall (polite cough) will know that Michael Steele (a) played bass, and (b) was very much female.

And who hasn’t had a Bangles poster on the wall, eh?

Anyway, all the names are taken from census information, so it’s accurate!

I knew a woman named Michael.
When I was little, I knew a girl named Johnny.
Also, Tracy, Sidney, Jamie, Riley, Robin.