Is my work gone for good?

I have been leaving Scrivener open as I work on a project every few days. I have the “save after 2 minute” setting on. Today I had to open Scrivener as I must have closed it without thinking recently, a very old copy of my text was there. Several months of work was missing. Is there a way to locate a backup. Shouldn’t work that’s been sitting on my computer for weeks be automatically saved somewhere.

I really hope so!!!


Having followed the forums for some years now, I would say the most common explanation for experiences like yours is that the user has inadvertently opened a different copy of their project than they have been working in.

So, my first question is /how/ did you open your project? Did you pick something off the Recents menu in the app? Did you navigate to your project using the Finder and double-click on that? Or what?

There are various ways it comes about that people end up in a different copy of their project. Sometimes it comes from incautious reliance on the (system-driven) Recents menu. Sometimes people open up backup copies of their projects and mistakenly start working in them, and then later open the actual working copy of their project and think things have mysteriously vanished. (Sometimes people make the mistake of putting their project in the same folder as their back ups of the project and this leads to confusion.)

A more worrisome situation is when people store their project on a cloud drive that poorly handles package files (e.g. Scrivener project files).

Any of the above sound like it could be you?

If you open up Scrivener preferences and look in the Backup area, you will see a link/button that will take you to the folder where your backups are being stored.

Great tip–thank you!
In my windows version it is called “options” under the “tools” menu, rather than preferences