Is Scapple still being developed?

Just wondering, that’s all.

I know Scapple’s intended to be a small, bare-bones app, so I don’t know if there’s an intention to update it with more features or refinements. And I know Scrivener for Windows and iOS are getting most of the programming attention right now (which is fine by me–Scrivener for Windows is my favourite thing ever!!), but I was just curious as to whether Scapple is still an active and happenin’ thing. I don’t hear a lot about it (even the forums here are fairly quiet), yet Scapple is by far my favourite software for brainstorming.


Glad you’re enjoying it! Scapple isn’t forgotten, but it has certainly been back-burner and will remain so for a while. The iOS version is taking over a bit in the sense that it’s getting to the stage of roping in both the Mac and Windows developers as part of getting the sync working between the desktop and mobile versions, and Keith is further busy with getting Scrivener prepped for the new Mac OS release due this fall. On Windows, we’ve been busy getting out 1.7 and the couple following updates.

Scapple wasn’t ever meant to be constantly in development the way Scrivener is. There’s no Scapple wishlist forum for a reason. :wink: We put out 1.0 with the intent of letting it be 1.0 for a while (barring major catastrophes) but we have been keeping track of bugs to fix and refinements we’d like to add, and someday they’ll see the light of day! :mrgreen:

Hey Mick,
I’m brainstorming your post.
First, a large box in the center marked VACATION.
Then, radials out to the side marked Keith, Ioa, etc for the dev staff.
With an explanatory note: Happens once a year. Or maybe twice.
Then a large circle or rectangle with curved corners:
With lots of lines ending in pointy arrows, aimed at the vacationers.
Would be cool if lines could ripple with fierce energy, as they attack the targets.
Then some boxes below marked: COMING ATTRACTIONS
Labeled Mac 3, Scapple 2, iOS 1, Windows 2, Linux 1, Chrome 0
They should grow their borders very slowly, with maybe spinning clocks inside.
Anyway, the staff will return soon, bronzed and rested,
and ready to field your query with their usual polite, if evasive, attention.
Onward! :wink:

Cool, that’s what I figured. Thanks for the response! :slight_smile:

:laughing: :laughing: OOHH, you’re good at this.

It’s like somebody just took a scapple to my brain.


Just purchased Scrapple. While I’m pleased with the current feature set, I consider it unfortunate it’s not seen important and useful enough to be worth continual development. It is truly a unique bit of work that has such potential.

If I might extend my vision to you for a moment…

Consider the application RealTimeBoard. This is an online app that overlaps the capabilities of Scrapple. But where Scrapple stands out is with the ability to connect items and to create background shapes that are magnetic. This is huge for anyone managing information visually. And this was the main reason I bought the program.

Clarifying, I can create a visual surface that is similar to what I see with Srapple, say with a graphics program like Photoshop or a diagram program like Visio. But the ease of creating a new item (double-clicking), the ease of linking them or creating multiple connections at one time, and so forth - these are areas where Scrapple excels.

And looking underneath at the source code of the files, it appears that they are some variant of XML. Which makes text inside the files searchable by the Windows search function.

What I would really appreciate is if you could enable the default styles to be altered at the file level and if I could create my own styles. (If these are available now, please let me know how to get these results.)

I would also like to be able to copy an image to the Windows clipboard and paste it into a Scrapple board.

And lastly, I would very much appreciate being enabled to create links between different Srapple boards as well as to any local file.

Again - it’s too bad development on this is back burner. These additions would make the program much smoother to use and more useful to me…

But even as is, it’s a superb bit of work and I thank you for that.

  • Bal

Well you kind of summed up where it is at. We’re all pleased with the current feature set. :slight_smile: It was designed around a premise, and we put as much toward that premise as we could, without too much, and called it good. This isn’t the type of idea that needs continual development. Periodic development, absolutely, and that will happen, but for us all to be sitting around day in and day out doing nothing but thinking about Scapple would get pretty boring after a bit! :wink: There just isn’t that much that needs to be added or changed about the core idea. Refined, evolved over a period of time, sure, but it’s already doing what it needs to do.

I wasn’t sure if this was a complaint, because we consider that a feature, both for the search indexing as you mention, and the fact that anyone with a little XML knowledge can take advantage of that, as well as third-party programmers who are interested in working with the format. It’s a philosophy we take with Scrivener as well. The whole format is wide open and already other developers have taken advantage of that, integrating tools with it.

As for the rest, I think you just need to dig a little deeper, we already handle the things you’re asking for.

Have a look at the style sub-menu in Format, you can do all of these things you are asking for already. The default styles that ship with the program are just examples. We’re glad if you find them useful, but please make your own too. You can even create your own defaults and override ours entirely. Check up §6.3 (pg. 47 on) in the user manual PDF for details.

That should be possible, but since not every program copies images the same way, you may sometimes have to drag it in as a file, too. Either way you can get the image there where you need it. I just right-click copied a graphic out of Firefox and pasted it into Scapple without any fuss.

Already possible as well: just select the text you wish to link, use Edit/Add Link… and drag and drop the file you wish to link to into the URL box. Now you have a clickable link to another .scap, or any type of file or Internet address for that matter.

Hi -

Thank you very much for the quick response. And I accept your
decision. It is surely yours to make. :slight_smile:

My comment regarding XML and search was very much a compliment -
a “well done!” I’m enjoying this program ever more as I use it.

I will try your suggestions - and will explore the manual a bit more.
I should use it more rather than waste your time here. Having
done this just now, I will make one more request for some future
version down the line: an ability overlay the main diagram with
annotations - something like this:

I get that this is not a priority for you. But I figure if I don’t ask…
Put it in the “for whatever it’s worth” column.

  • Bal

No that’s quite all right, we’re here to help anyway, and sometimes it may be hard to find what you’re looking for in a manual. I know for a fact the linking thing isn’t an obvious find (unless you search for “link”) because when we released the software we never really considered linking to be something anyone would bother much with—it was just a handy extra feature, and so I think it might only be referred to from the menu appendix. Turns out, people like to link stuff—enough that I should probably write a dedicated sub-section for it. :slight_smile:

Have you tried setting the diagram as the background image for the board? What you can do is use MS Paint to expand the canvas size and give you enough of an area around the diagram to annotated it (and avoid unseemly background tiling effects).

To “point” to a spot on the board, create a simple Shape, shrink it down as far as it will go, and remove the border—now you have an “invisible” spot that you can point an arrow at. When you need a new one, just select it and duplicate.