Is Scivener for Windows "portable"?

As in can I install it to a thumb drive like say anything from


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I have read instances of users already doing this, but it is not advisable. The read and write rates to a USB drive are not comparable to a local hard drive, so this misadventure could lead to performance issues. Making project backups to a thumb drive using File > Backup Project To… as a zip file is fine though.

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Actually the portability is something I need to “install” a copy to my Dropbox and have it run properly. Its still local as far as transfer rates are involved (and seriously, if transfer rates with a USB 2.0 stick are an issue for Scriv, just what is it doing behind the scenes ;-p), but I like to be able to keep my entire environment on Dropbox so that when I make changes to it, they are reflected on all of my machines (I use at least 2 different ones every day, and have the opportunity to use as many as 4 when things are particularly disturbed). All of my current editors (including Windows LiveWriter which is running inside a LiveWriterPortable shell, which was one of the few things that made me wish even my best USB 2.0 stick was a touch faster) run great this way, and I’ve even run some other, beefier apps like this from time to time, as well with no issues, though day to day, I’m really just a writer, and every new experience just keeps hammering home that simpler is better 99.98% of the time. My only concession to something more than the simplest FSTE has been SublimeText which I use as my “productivity environment” because it allows for multiple tabs and panes and keeps cursor positions for each file, tab order, pane configuration, and even exact view saved (as long as you open it up on the same res monitor each time, otherwise just hit an arrow key to bring focus back to the right spot). This is great for managing lists and notes (like keeping my ToDo list front and center during the day) and for various tasks like cut/pasting from one spot in a doc in one pane to another, distant spot in another pane, or reading in a nice fat pane while taking notes in a skinny one next to it. Of course, its only a little big considering the massive amount of (unused by me) functionality for programming, but neither it nor Writemonkey or anything else I’ve found have an adequate outlining faculty, so that’s where I’m hoping Scriv will slot in (and seriously hope it behaves well in my Dropbox environment). I’m almost okay with Word 2010’s outliner (better than before, but they also made it a bit worse, too; this is M$ we’re talking about here), but I’d never be able to get it functional up there in the cloud. Of course I’ve got issues other than portability with Scriv with the current beta, and a plate too full to mess with it in this state.

Now, I hope that’s a thick enough block of text that no one will bother reading it. Guess I’m just in a venting mood right now as I’ve been working my tookis off for weeks straight to get all my other work settled in time for the NaNo. Still got a bit left to do and no desire to do it, so I’m here, babbling.

Sorry …

I think Amber or KB had linked to a post prior, but it is not advisable to edit a Scrivener project within Dropbox. I suppose if Dropbox isn’t open at the time it should be fine, but it would be generally a bad idea when DropBox is running.

The concern is something along the lines of how Scrivener handles files. It is something like yWriter, where you have individual files for each “text”, so for one document there could be hundreds and keeping them up to date while syncing them with the DropBox server could cause data corruption and misalignment.