Is Scrivener 2 incompatible with MacOS Catalina?

I just installed Catalina and I’m being prompted to update Scrivener. Is there any word about Scrivener 2 being compatible with Catalina? Can’t find anything on the web other than references to Scrivener 3.

!) You have posted in the iOS forum, not the Mac forum.

  1. If you took the time to go to the Mac forum, I’m sure you’d find threads giving the definitive answer, “No”!

Apple have ended support for 32-bit apps from Catalina onwards. As Scrivener 2 is a 32-bit app, it will not run on Catalina. For that reason alone it’s probably worth updating to Scrivener 3, in addition to the fact that Scriv 3 is much better!

As noted, no 32-bit software is compatible with 10.15. You should use the the  ▸ About This Mac menu command, and then click the System Report button in that panel. Expand the “Software” section in the sidebar, and view the “Applications” section. This will display all installed software, and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit. If you have important stuff in the first group, that cannot be upgraded, then do not install 10.15—simple as that. :slight_smile:

And don’t worry, you aren’t missing much, at the moment it is mainly just a buggier 10.14 with a lot of software glitches thanks to an abrupt and unannounced launch. It won’t be important to upgrade until 10.14 reaches end of life and they stop patching security flaws with it, a few years from now.

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