Is Scrivener 3 backwards compatible with Scrivener 2?

I can’t open a Scrivener 3 file in Scrivener 2. The computer I have Scrivener 3 on is not working right now but I have Scrivener 2 on another computer. But it won’t open the file.

Am I doing something wrong? I assumed Scrivener would be like Vellum or Xbox or Playstations that can still open older system games and files.

Is there a way to open Scrivener 3 files in Scrivener 2?

Scrivener 3 can export projects in Scrivener 2’s format, but there’s no way for Scrivener 2 to open Scrivener 3 projects directly.

Please open a support ticket, here:

A member of the team can export the project to the older format for you.

Also note that the licence allows you to install Scrivener on any of your computers, so if you’re limiting yourself based on the assumption that you can only install it on the other one, you may not need to downgrade yourself. Even if it isn’t your machine, you can use the demo mode to load the newer projects, and use the File ▸ Export ▸ as Scrivener 1... command.

It is exactly like that. You can open Scrivener 1.x projects in Scrivener 3, just like you can open an Xbox 360 game on an Xbox One. But just like you can’t open an Xbox One game on an Xbox 360, you can’t open a Scrivener 3 project in Scrivener 1.x.

But 1 is a lower number than 3, just like it’s a lower number than 360. Are you saying that version numbers don’t go down as the products move towards perfection?!



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The only perfection to be found in this world is your comments, Pigfender.