Is Scrivener 3 really that much better than 1.9 for windows?

Out of curiosity, what aspect of the inspector are you referring to as having changed for the worse? I might be misled by your description of it being tabbed, because that’s how it always was, maybe you just meant that as a descriptor for the sidebar inspector (as opposed to the Quick Reference inspector).

I’ll let TribalRose speak for himself/herself, but one change to the Inspector that I’ve heard folks complain about is the move of General Metadata.

In v3.0, General Metadata was moved to a dedicated metadata tab. Yes, it makes sense. Yes, it’s more consistent. But for folks who access it constantly along with Synopsis and Notes, the v1.9 location in the Synopsis/Notes tab was more convenient.

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Oh sure, we got that feedback in the Mac transition as well, along with the synopsis card being less accessible overall. The main problem is that there isn’t enough space for all of that information on top of most of the tabs, and it would have been more awkward to only have it on potentially one single additional pane other than metadata.

Now that the tabs themselves are far more accessible with keyboard shortcuts, it’s one of those things you quickly get used to. I found myself in that same exact boat when I first started using the new design, but I don’t even think about it these days. I switch panes with the keyboard as a function of reflex that doesn’t even require active thought. I need metadata, it’s there.

Overall I would say it is one of those things where that negative is overall outweighed by the improvements. Being able to view and edit “references” without actually loading anything anywhere? Huge efficiency boost. Having keywords and custom metadata in one easy place? An overall boost. Not having custom metadata hidden behind a tiny little rectangle you have to manually toggle? Even better.

Part of my problem is OCD, part is accessibility (vision problem), and part of it is the new themes / icons and so forth. I upgraded because 3.1 has a lot more flexibility in what you can do with it; including the meta fields.

There’s a ton to like under the hood. But the GUI? I hate it. 1.9 looks just fine on PC and MAC. I wanted a dark mode for it; but besides that it is perfect. My old eyes can see everything just fine, and the icons are pretty.

So here’s the billion dollar question. Can the entire layout w-theme be exported from 1.9? That would save the day for me.

If someone knows how to port the entire GUI from 1.9 to 3.1 I’ll be one happy camper.

Thanks so much if anyone knows. :+1:

Edit: Figured out how to reset the fonts, colors and size of the icons. That gets it more than part of the way there, as I then actually can see… Now if I only could get the icons from 1.9 ported into it… Anyone know where the icons for 1.9 are stored by default?

That would be the last part in me actually using this bad boy… Good job on making colors / icon sizes / fonts endlessly customizable. Some of us must have that in order to see.