Is Scrivener Actually Worth It?

I have noticed that Scrivener is a commonly used software in the writing community. I am just coming back to creative writing after a few years of of primarily doing academic writing. I mainly write for myself. I recently started brainstorming a novel. I am even considering self publishing the novel if it turns out well. I think that the software would be a beneficial tool to use on my current and future projects. I just do not know if it is worth the cost. I am also visually impaired, so I use screen reader softwares to manipulate my iPhone and laptop. I do not want to waste money on a software that might not even be compatible with my screen reader. Are there any free options that I should look into? I currently use Microsoft Word for my writing, but I am interested in testing out other computer programs. Thanks to anyone who responds.

The best advice anyone can give you is to download the demo! You’ll get 30 days of actual use, so spread it out as you need to. Using that you should be able to get a good feel for how accessible the software is. I do believe there are some rough spots with VoiceOver at the moment; Apple switched up how accessibility works, and getting that fine tuned to work better with the new system is something we need to look in to (if you’re using an older OS, like 12 or 13, you should be okay). Prior to that point we’ve had an excellent track record on the matter and do pay attention to making sure buttons are labelled well, and all areas of the software are accessible to navigation commands. It’s how it works right now that matters though, of course.

You can test it for 30 days for free. And that is 30 days of actual use.

I have noticed that this is a commonly used post in the spamming community, and other subhuman forms of depravity. I am just going through and moderating, after a few years of primarily posting. I mainly moderate for myself. I recently started writing a post. I’m even considering handing out leaflets that I made at the printers of my posts, if they turn out well. I think that forums would be a beneficial way to work on my past and future moderation. I just don’t know if it is worth the clicks. I currently use Facebook for my posting, but I’m interesting in testing out other forums. Thanks to anyone who responds.

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But P.S. Thanks to all the wonderful forum members who enjoy helping people. Even if it’s going to robots in this case, someone may search and find these tips. :slight_smile:

The best advice anyone can give you is to moderate! You’ll get 30 days of actual moderation, so spread it out as moderately as you need to. Also work through the interactive forum on tutorials forum. There are many forum readers here so it works.

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