Is Scrivener Backup still restricted to DropBox?

Got a message that Dropbox wants more money to unlock more space. I’m backing up on iCloud already as well as a connected USB drive, but I’m wondering if Scrivener still backs up only to Dropbox? Been a while since I’ve read the user manuals for new releases! Thanks!

Scrivener doesn’t back up to any cloud services, let alone only one or two, not sure where you heard that from. It has an automatic backup feature to your disk, which is enabled by default, and stored in your user Library folder. But you can set the folder to be anywhere you wish, and if saved into a location some tool uses to keep the folder synchronised between systems, then like all other files you put into that area, they will sync.

Read more about it in §5.2, Backing Up Your Work, of the user manual PDF.

I was under the impression Scrivener for iOS could use only Dropbox. Perhaps that’s what OLONOFF heard?

I think what I was remembering was a Sync procedure. Here’s a quote I found on the web:
“Basically, you just put your Scrivener project in your Dropbox folder, or a sub-folder if you prefer. One or more Macs can then open the project from that Dropbox folder. The sync is really achieved by Dropbox, not Scrivener. Make sure you never open the same project on two Macs at the same time.Jul 6, 2018”
So basically you would be using Sync and Dropbox’s natural features to perform backup.

True, Dropbox is still the only cloud service that can handle syncing Scrivener projects.

On the other hand you can back up (at best zipped) to any folder—which could be a cloud folder too. Then only the file size might cause a problem.

It totally makes sense to backup to any cloud service but Dropbox so in case they are facing severe server failure you would at least have access to your backups stored elsewhere. Only as long as you have access to the internet at all, of course. And that’s why cloud backups should only be an addition to local backups. Not all eggs in one basket, you know.

Dropbox is the only cloud service the iOS version can use. If you only sync between Macs or PCs you can use any cloud service that syncs the same way,

Scrivener 3.2.2 for Mac backs up nicely to iCloud. Each backup is an independent Zip, so there’s no project syncing going on.