Is Scrivener customer support dead?

I haven’t had a response from Literature and Latte in months, despite several emails sent. Anyone else having any luck?

I submitted 5 bug reports in May via the online form, and they’ve replied to every single one.

First there’s an immediate auto-reply, then there’s a human reply. Turnaround time on the human reply was 4 days or so, per submittal.

Check your spam folder. Frequently that’s the cause of “L&L isn’t getting back to me”.


We are very much still here.

Human responses can take a day or two, but our automated system sends a response within a matter of minutes. If you haven’t seen even that, check your junk mail folder and make sure the domain is whitelisted.

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I got all the automated responses from the questions I emailed, but I haven’t been getting any answers after that. I’m looking in my inbox right now, and there’s at least five automated emails from you saying you got my questions, but there’s never any answers to follow up.

This problem’s been going on for several months.

At the bottom of the automated email will be "Alternatively, you can keep track of this conversation at: " and a URL to your ticket in L&L’s support tracking system. You can click on that URL to see if anyone’s responded to your ticket in their system.

As JimRac said, you can check on your tickets via the web interface.

If that doesn’t help, message me with your email address and I’ll have a look at our internal queue.

I’ve checked with your address on file with the forum, and it looks like you’ve written in on eight different occasions, one of which is still marked as open (with a response sent to you around a week ago). Every single ticket was responded to, and in only one case did we ever hear back from you after the initial query.

I’ve checked the recorded outgoing email logs on a few tickets, and they show email sent to your account with no error.

So yeah, I’d definitely recommend setting up an account with that system so you can use it to communicate directly, like here, rather than using email, going forward.