Is Scrivener file created in Mavericks safe in Sierra?

I need to upgrade my OS from Mavericks to Sierra. Will my existing Scrivener files be okay in the Sierra environment? Need to know before I change my OS that 4 years of work on my book and other projects will make the transition unscathed. Please advise. Thanks!

you’re going to back up your system before the OS upgrade right? I’ve had no problems with the transition to sierra on three machine but I’d never do it without making sure I had a backup to regress to in the event something goes wrong.

Yep, I’ve got everything backed up. Asking about how Scrivener takes the upgrades in hopes I wouldn’t have to discover difficulties after the fact and go through the ordeal of restoring an entire computer back to its former self. My hope is that I could do the OS upgrade, open my Scrivener files, and keep rolling. Has this been your experience?

What version of Scrivener do you have?

You’ll need the current version (2.8.1) for compatibility with Sierra. If that’s what you have, then yes, you should be able to open up your Scrivener files and keep rolling.

If you have an older version, there may be a format change, which Scrivener will handle for you automatically. It should be pretty seamless, but of course it does introduce another opportunity for gremlins.


Thanks, Katherine. Would you recommend upgrading Scrivener first or Mac OS? If the OS upgrade comes second, does 2.8 work okay in Mavericks?

Version 2.8 works fine with Mavericks.

It ultimately shouldn’t matter, but I’d probably upgrade Scrivener first and test to make sure everything is working normally. That way if there does happen to be an issue with the format conversion you can still revert to the previous version of Scrivener while you sort it out.


Awesome, Katherine. Thanks! :smiley: