Is she a fair maiden or what?

Hello. It’s been almost four years since I visited last time and now I have a new question:

A young woman, beautiful by her youth but not more, (she’s in her twentieth) though anyway outstanding in her looks. It might be because of her clothes, which is not the common style, she’s different in that. Not provoking, just different, maybe a little old style or Greenpeace style.
Or maybe she’s different because of her behaviour, which is also somewhat plain: On the border of outspoken innocence.
You also feel that she is always well meaning even if she herself really doesn’t know it. Furthermore she has a sense of humour that she never use actively but her laughs reveals that she is rather intelligent.

How would such a girl be described in one word or maybe a short sentence?

Or should I read Shakespeare instead of asking here? :slight_smile:


Hope that helps.
Ah well … once more unto the breach … eh?

The genre you’re writing in will affect the answer, won’t it?

Hmm. ‘Unremarkable but well-meaning’ is a very hard difficult thing to pin down because of the age described. ‘Plain Jane’ would have been in fashion at one point. American English would give you ‘bachelorette’.

I wouldn’t sweat the noun - focus on the details that will bring her to life - the buttons on her cardigan, the hair slide that she picked up in a second-hand shop, the dents on her kindle cover… etc.

As mentioned, very genre specific.

Siren: Not the traditional def, but the modern. She’s the sweet girl next door that traps you and you don’t care.

Girl-next-door (from the above)

“Jane Aire”

Plain-Jane (previously mentioned)



Those were the ones that you got me thinking about.

Many thanks to everyone! Your suggestions got me going.
It’s stupid to get stuck on a single expression but since I’m not a native english speaker that sometimes happens. Then I’m happy for places like this.

Mono-Lisa was new to me, I like it!

Cheers! /Thomas