Is the Difference Between Mac and Windows Current?

I’m considering a new laptop and would like to know the advantages of Scrivener on a Mac.

Are there any compatibility problems going back to the earlier version Windows?

If I buy a Mac Air am I going to have issues sharing files with a windows machine?


We have a list of points to watch out for regarding compatibility, in this knowledge base post. For the most part you shouldn’t have any troubles, most of the problems are simply differences in what you’ll see between platforms.

The Air is a fantastic laptop by the way. Still one of my all-time favourite writing machines.

Scrivener on Mac has had many more years of development, and some of the most powerful features of Scrivener are far more polished on the Mac. L&L have a goal to try to reach feature parity with V3.0 but I suspect the Mac is going to always have a lead. Scrivener is brilliant on either platform, but I know several people who migrated to the Mac to use Scrivener and never regretted it.

I was also going to say the big advantage is macOS, particularly in how it deals with high resolution displays (retina); Windows 10 really doesn’t handle high resolution displays well at all. But the Macbook Air isn’t retina sadly so that isn’t a problem (though I would try to buy a device with a high resolution display, personally this is the biggest, most wonderful hardware advance in years for reading and writing IMO)…

“Mac Scriv 3 is currently in private beta. I think Win Scriv 3 is running a bit behind it.”


Which says it all really. The Windows version has always been the poor cousin. Lacking features and looking increasingly dated. The idea of parity between the two has been touted for many years but has not happened and, given the latest news, this is unlikely. Windows users have been left well behind. Scrivener is a decent program but not for newer Windows users. No attention since October last year, poor display features and a compile system that is both difficult and lacking in features means that unless you opt for the Mac version, you are going to be disappointed.

I’m running Scrivener on a Windows laptop and also on an iPad. I’m not disappointed, far from it: Scrivener on Windows is an awesome tool. But perhaps if I was working on Win 10 with a high res monitor, or if I’d migrated from the Mac version, I’d feel differently.

Disappointed, I am not sure. It is still a great tool, the writing software I’ve been looking for.
But there are a couple of key features that are really missed. For me, the worst offender: sortable custom metadata fields. It has been almost four years now since my last exchange on the subject! The ability to sort a story in chronological order, while writing it out-of-sequence is a key in screenwriting.

I really really like Scrivener on Windows.

The issue is that I am considering a little writing ultrabook*. The Air might be the best choice.

I’m not giving up my windows machine.

  • Turns out I’m going with a windows machine. Couldn’t turn down the deal.