Is the tutorial correct...?


Another (possibly stupid) newb question…

The tutorial says, and I quote: “…the Draft folder is unique in that it can only hold text files.” Yet I have dragged image files straight into the editor and placed them inline in the text, exactly where I would want them to be if I were producing an illustrated book, for example. In other words, I haven’t placed them into the Research folder.

So is the tutorial incorrect on this?

You can place images in the text, but you cannot place image files inside the Draft folder as separate files (not part of a text file). If you try dragging an image from the Finder into Scrivener’s binder, you will find that you can drop it in the Research folder or anywhere else, but not inside the Draft folder. You can drop an image inside the text editor anywhere, though.

Interestingly enough, we were discussing recently how we’ve seen a number of users mention that you can’t put images in the text in Scrivener, and thus how we are obviously not clear enough about this, so I think you have indicated one of the areas that might be causing this sort of confusion. I’ve made a note to revise how it’s worded in the tutorial.

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Ah, right I understand. Yes, it is a bit confusing - I guess what the tutorial really means is that you can’t put image files separately into the BINDER Draft. But of course (as you’ve confirmed for me), you can put them straight into your text in the EDITOR, or else creating an illustrated book would be very hard!

Thanks for the clarification.

Just out of curiosity, how would you expect to insert images normally? By that I mean, what things did you think to try and find difficult to find?

To be honest, I would expect to insert images the way I always have - via drag and drop. And that works fine.

It was just the tutorial which confused me by saying the Draft folder was only for text. That implies that documents in the Draft folder cannot have images in them, which of course is NOT what is meant!

I haven’t yet worked out how to make text ‘flow’ around images, but I’m sure I’ll find out in time.

Thanks. Ioa was asking because we’ve been talking about how to make this easier for users.

Actually that isn’t something that is supported in Scrivener - it’s something left for dedicated layout programs and word processors.

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Just a word of warning for those with lots of graphics. I am doing a PhD which has lots of graphs and equations - most at 1200 dpi. At this resolution and number of graphic elements I managed to bring Scrivener to its knees. Moving figures and tables and equations (all done in illustrator) to the research folder as figure 1 … figure 400 and using placeholder tags means Scrivener now works like a charm and I just insert the figures into Mellel after compile which also speeds the compile from a couple of hours to a couple of minutes.

Placeholder tags! Nicely done… :slight_smile: