Is there a "back" feature for navigating documents?

I’ve found the menu item Previous Document under the Navigate->Go To menu tree. I tried that out and it when utilized, it takes you to the document above the one you are presently in. Is there a feature that takes you back to the one you’re working on after going to different document in the project? If not, I would like to make it a feature request in a future update. It would be nice. It would make it easier to edit things that effect my current document. When your project gets large, it can get confusing.


The header bar has a document-history function. See section 8.1.1 of the current manual. Is that the kind of thing you mean?


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Just to add to Login’s post as it’s not mentioned in the screenshot: the short cut for this feature is cmd-[ and cmd-] (i.e. the same command which will take your back and forward in the Safari page history.)

The menu commands are Navigate > Editor > Backward/Forward in Document History

[BTW, forgive me if you already know this, but all Mac programs have a handy feature which allows you to search menus for commands. If you go to the Help menu, there’s a search bar: enter “back” and you’ll see there are several commands with that word in the title. Obviously, sometimes you have to play with the word used (‘previous’ wouldn’t work here), but it can be very helpful at times. The shortcut cmd-shift-? takes you straight to the search bar.]


Good grief, how could I have missed that. Thanks.