Is there a Dark Mode in Scrivener Mac like there is in iOS?


I love working in the dark mode in the iOS version but can’t find a way to manipulate the same effect in the Mac version. I did a search in the forum and found nothing on point. Anyone know?



What do you call the ‘dark mode’? Are you by any chance referring to Composition Mode, where you get a black screen with green text (but you can change these default colours, plus the opacity)?

If you are, it’s the blue square with two white arrows in the toolbar.

There isn’t a dark mode preference like that which is in iOS but you can customize things to your liking (customization is very flexible). You can create and save multiple themes.

After you’ve customized the colors in Scrivener Preferences > Appearances, and Scrivener Preferences > Compose, you can save preferences and themes at Scrivener Preferences > the Manage dropdown located at the bottom of any pane. The Manage options are explained in appendix B of the manual.

That still leaves the bars and other border effects. Other than simply hiding most of them, you can manipulate those using the OS, in this case Sierra, at System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Invert Colors, or use the shortcut for it as described at System Preferences > Keyboard > Accessibility.

Once you get things set up the way you like, it only takes a little longer (seconds) to change to your personal themes than if the app had a one step dark mode feature.