Is there a document "history stack", so I can click to go back to prior document?

Hi…new to Scrivner. (If this question inappropropriate for here, please let me know, thanks!)

I’m going through the tutorial, and see:

Scrivener’s editor can display […] click on “Sunset” […] Once you’ve tested that out, return here.

…so, I click on “Sunset”, and I see it.

But, I see no way to “return here”.

WAIT…solved it. I was about to delete this question (which was a lot longer :slight_smile: without posting, but would like to turn it into a two suggestions for the tutorial (In “Using the Binder”):

  1. add an initial line saying “read all these steps before trying them” (otherwise you get lost!)

  2. add a second line immediately after that: to return to this page, click the “<” at the top
    of the top of the main document pane (click and hold the “<” to see your entire document


Welcome to Scrivener, and the forums here!

The idea, at that point in the tutorial, is that you’d know to return to “The Editor”, by clicking on it in the Binder, the same way you got to “Sunset”, and before that to the “The Editor” from “The Binder”. That’s the most dirt simple and basic way of getting around, and the only method described so far. So as a way of teaching multiple ways of navigation, I think it is okay to depend upon one technique initially, and to then reinforce it through repetition, before immediately moving on to something that requires a little more background information first (the header bar in general, and that it has buttons, and what the two on the left end of it do).

(If this question inappropropriate for here, please let me know, thanks!)

I’ve reclassified your post as general Scrivener+Feedback, given the evolved nature of it, and that it doesn’t have much to do with the Mac platform specifically.

Unfortunately, I think you missed the point.
I clearly indicated I knew how to get back by finding the right doc in the binder … IF I REMEMBERED IT.
And, about 2 or 3 mini-topics later, the tutorial does finally mention the “return” chevron, further underscoring my (implied) contention that it’s an important topic.
It simply needs to be moved up to be before one can get lost.

Just do it … it’s the right thing to do.

Note that you could have made the change and replied “done, thanks”, with less time than you just spent!

:smiley: Thanks for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration. :smiley:

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