Is There a Global Book/Project Notes Available

Is there a way to setup a notes field like the “Document Notes” that are visible across all chapters? (globally or via project)

For instance I would like to put reference items like character notes, times, places and such for quick reference without having to click back to previous chapters.

Is this possible?

The document notes pane can be switched to the project notes (you can have multiple, tabbed project notes, btw). Just click on the “Document Notes” header in the inspector.


You could create documents for each subject (one per character, or one for all characters, one for places…), use the split editor to view those items. To prevent changing the document in one editor, you can lock it, or you can change the selection under View->Binder Affects to suit your preference.

Does the Project Notes function not provide you with what you’re looking for?

Perfect, that is just the help I was looking for. Thanks.