Is there a Highlight text by searching function?

The reason I ask is that The Word-loss Diet suggests flagging words with different colored highlights so you can see how many problem words you need to edit.


[code] She uses British English
Use the ‘Find& Replace’ function (explained in the Introduction) to highlight ‘start’, ‘begin’, ‘began’, ‘begun’ with a red background. Depending on the text-processing software you use, the steps are something like this:

  • Open a manuscript. I suggest using a copy, so you don’t spoil the real one if things go wrong.
  • Choose the word you want to highlight. For example, ‘start’. * Click ‘Edit’. * A drop-down menu appears. Click ‘Find& Replace’.
  • In the ‘Search for’ box, type ‘look’. In the ‘Replace with’ box, also type ‘start’.
  • Move the cursor into the ‘Replace with’ box and click there.
  • Click ‘More options’. * A drop-down menu appears. Click ‘Format’.
  • Click ‘Background’.
  • A window appears with many little coloured squares. Click a bright colour, for example, green.
  • Click ‘ok’ * Now you’re back to the ‘Find& Replace’ window. click ‘Replace all’.

Hall, Rayne (2014-01-08). The Word-Loss Diet: Professional Self-Editing Techniques for Authors (Writer’s Craft Book 4) (pp. 8-9). Rayne Hall. Kindle Edition. [/code]

Does Screvener have something like that and if not can it beimplemented?

Never mind, I wound up using a macro program to do it. It took a couple days but I now have my problem words highlighted with colors.