Is there a keyboard shortcut for inserting bullet points?

I would like to insert bullets points while in composition mode but I can’t find a keyboard shortcut?

Can anyone help?


If you’re happy with a simple


as the bullet, then the standard OS X text shortcut opt-tab works well enough. Otherwise you have to create shortcuts using System Preferences and it’s a bit flaky in my experience, so I don’t bother.


Opt-tab is a gem.

Thank you.

Also note you have full menu access in composition mode. You can get to all of the list types with the usual Format/Lists/ sub-menu. Just move the mouse to the top of the screen and leave it there for a moment.

It is possible to get a reliable shortcut on a list type, but it requires a little wiring:

  1. Create a sample line with the bullet style you prefer and leave the cursor in the line.
  2. Use the Format/Formatting/New Preset from Selection tool to create a new paragraph preset.
  3. Assign your System Preferences shortcut to the named preset you created.

In usage, you’ll find it works better if you start typing the line in first and then apply the bullet before going on to the next line, just based on the mechanics of how the text engine works.

Not sure if all of that is worth just sliding the mouse up and using the menu though. :smiley: