Is there a keyboard shortcut for Project Search?

I am new to Scrivener but loving it already.
In my work as a translator and researcher I like to select words and use keyboard shortcuts to instantly launch a search or action – I have shortcuts to look up the Mac OS Dictionary, Google Search, Spotlight Search, Search in other Mac OS dictionaries, as well as to add snippets to DTP. Is there a way I can select a word in Scrivener and activate a Project Search immediately, without having to copy and paste the search term in the Project Search field. If not, can someone suggest how I could set up such a thing?

There isn’t a built-in method for that (we do have it on the list for consideration, however). If you use a macro program, like Keyboard Maestro, then it wouldn’t be too difficult to create a little shortcut for Scrivener that automates the copy and paste part, along with using the Ctrl-Cmd-F shortcut to move the cursor to the Project Search tool.

Thank you very much Amber.
I’m a little surprised that there isn’t a keyboard shortcut for this, considering how many subtle and more esoteric functions are included in Scrivener. It would be nice to have a universal service so that a Project Search can be run from within Scrivener or any other app with just a key combo (after assigning a shortcut in the Keyboard preferences).

We already in fact have the “Find Selection in Project” idea on the list for consideration, I’ll add an addenda to that for the Service idea.

To revive an old post: You said you’ll implement it. Has it happened?

[EDIT] I found it. It’s (windows) STRG-G, STRG-S… [/EDIT]

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To clarify, this request was asking for a way to take a selection of text and push it straight into Project Search. We never did add something exactly like that, but v3 does have a system where if you select some text and right click on it, if the selected text partially matches titles, then they will be listed in the contextual menu as jump targets. So you can essentially skip the search part entirely and go straight to what you want. Last I checked, they still haven’t implemented this in the Windows v3 beta, but it should be coming at some point.

Scrivener has always, since version 1.0 on the Mac and PC, had a shortcut to open the Project Search field. :slight_smile: