Is there a keyboard shortcut to move to the first/last item in a group in the binder?

I don’t think there is, but I just wanted to check. I’ve got a workaround which is to use ⌃⌥↑ and ⌃⌥↓ to go up/down to the group and then or depending on what I want to end up on, but was wondering if there is a one-step for this. No big deal if there isn’t.

Yes, in fact this is a general Mac tip!

Since most of Scrivener’s views inherit from common Mac listing tools, they have similar shortcuts at a basic level. In almost all contexts on a Mac (even inside of menus!) ⌥↓ and ⌥↑ will move the selection point to the top or bottom of the view. There is another convention that exists when no selection point has been made in a list yet (or the last selection point as been removed, for example with Edit ▸ Deselect All). In that case, all by itself positions the selection at the very end of the list, and at the very top. It seems counter intuitive until you consider that you’re very likely going to want to continue moving in that same direction after starting.

Sorry, I didn’t explain myself well enough. I should have said “within nested groups” in the binder. As in like this:


I don’t think there’s a way of jumping to the top or bottom of a nested group rather than the top or bottom of the entire binder, is there?

Ah, no, nothing like that other than what you are doing: (1) jump to next container (2) up/down one. There are other way of doing that, but none any more efficient.

You can turn this into a single keystroke using Keyboard Maestro. I think KM is required kit for Mac Scrivener users.

Another possibility is “hoisting” the folder so it’s all that appears in the Binder. To do this, select the folder you want to focus on, then select View->Outline->Hoist Binder. Since your hoisted folder is all that’s shown in the Binder, the keyboard shortcuts AmberV described will work the way you want. To get back to your regular Binder view, you can click on the little x in the upper right corner of the hoisted Binder, or use View ->Outline->Unhoist Binder.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, I’d figured out the hoisting bit, and I think that’s what Amber is referring to as the other method to my workaround. As I said, no big deal at all, one keystroke more is pretty painless. Just the completist in me wanting to check!