Is there a list of "tags" or "separators" or "codes" for compiling anywhere?

Hi. I am trying to setup a custom layout to compile (3 levels: 1) Part 2) Chapter 3) Scene.
I have been searching the internet for days to find a code (in brackets) that make my Chapter heading Capitalized? And other codes, Is there a list of these anywhere? Thank you so much in advance :wink:

Look at the Codes for Compiler post at the very top of this forum. I don’t think the specific code you mentioned is available.

Are you asking about making the chapter heading all caps or just title case? If the former, open Compile, click Formatting, click Section Layout. Now click the Case tab and choose Uppercase for Title and Title Prefix. The Title one will make whatever actual title you gave the chapters all uppercase. The Title Prefix one is for the “Chapter One” that goes before the title you picked.

If you’re talking about title case (the first letter of each word capitalized), I think this already happens automatically, so you’re probably talking about the first way.