Is there a method for auto-naming chapters?

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Is there a method for auto-naming chapters using the container name? I’ve got three top level containers (one for each act in my novel). Inside these main containers are individual chapters. I am using the <$w> for auto-numbering (e.g. CHAPTER <$w>) and wonder if there is a parameter for appending the text container title after the $w? Could it be that simple?

Many thanks, and thanks for all you do. I simply love this software package. It has taken my thinking to a whole new level, not to mention my ability to now kill words at warp speed.


Yes, in the compile dialogue, first tab, you’ll see a grid of checkboxes in the lower left. Make sure “Title” is selected for your folder types, and then put the <$w> into the visible title in the Binder.

Ok. I’m making a mistake somewhere. Here’s what I have

blank line CHAPTER

What I want is the title (which is correct), to show up after the Chapter<$w> line in the text snippet, so it reads:

Chapter <Correct_Number>


And many thanks…once I get this right I’m going to start drinking again…


There’s no way of doing this currently - that’s why the Novel template has the chapter and title placed inside the folder text.

This is one of the many refinements coming in 2.0, though.

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I’m probably using the Novel template incorrectly. I’ve got the default novel-manuscript-chapter structure that one gets when you select a Novel Project. I sucked in my ms-word files, placing one chapter in each file. When I compile the manuscript, it works beautifully. If I don’t want fancy chapter titles following the automagic chapter numbering (<$w>), then I’m in great shape.

As for what I’m really trying to do, I suspect I’ll have to run a test with a different project and see what I can make the existing Manuscript/CHAPTER formatting do.

Thanks for the instruction and feedback.

Now, back to the word-slaying…