Is there a need to update?


I have a rather long novel that I am going to publish to the Kindle in the next month or so. So far, Scrivener has been rock solid and a treat to use.

My concern is updating to the latest version of Scrivener. I’ve spent 25 years in the IT field and the basic rule two rules are:

  1. Don’t update unless you really need a new functionality that is provided in the latest version.
  2. Or, update if the version in use is no longer supported by the software vendor.

I’m currently using version So, the question is, is there some reason that I should update to the latest version of Scrivener for Windows? Am I missing some functionality (such as compiling to mobi format, etc.) that is present in the newer version that will help me?

I guess the 2nd question would be is version 1.7.1 still supported (in case I run into difficulties in compiling, etc.)?

Again, great product. I also have a Mac license because I plan on getting a Mac in the future.



There are only a handful of ‘Refinements and Changes’ going from 1.7.1 to 1.8.0 so it’s really hard to say. I would suggest taking a look at the Change List and see if any changes or bug fixes give you enough reason to update.

Thanks for the reply, Edhead.

I read all the update info (for all versions from 1.7.3 to1.8x). There looked to be some fixes and enhancements in areas that would possibly impact my compiling of the book.

I started the update (after backups) and then ran into the “Error: Unable to create folder …” So, most likely due to my normal logon account not having admin privs. I had thought that it would request admin account info prior to doing the update.

But, no biggie. I’ll elevate my account (temporarily) to admin tomorrow and update then. If I still have probs, I’ll open another thread.

Thanks again.


You can just download the full installer from the website and install it on top of the current version. It should tell you before running the update whether you need admin privileges, so that’s not necessarily the problem it’s running into. Downloading and running the regular installer is probably the easiest way to address the issue.

If you’re concerned about updating, you may also want to make a restore point first. We only ever keep one version back available for download, which in this case is 1.7.3, still newer than what you’ve been using. While I do definitely recommend you update to 1.8 soon, I know that in the middle of a project is always a nerve-wracking time to do anything, so backups are good!


That’s good information. I’ll download the full installer and go that route. Maybe.

It is a bit disconcerting that I don’t have access to my current version (1.7.1) if I want to “roll back.” I’m not too happy with using restore points. My success with those has been … mixed : )

I’m so close (I was going to start “testing” different compiles during the holidays) that I may put off updating until after the novel is done and published. Or, at least see how it goes. I have quite a bit of inline annotations/notes (which I think for the ebooks/kindle becomes “end of book” notes that are linked to … maybe) and I saw where a lot of “fixes” had been made for those. But, that may not impact me. I probably should have kept it simpler. Oh well, not the end of the world if I have to make some changes in that area.