is there a page layout mode in windows

Hi, I want to write in a page mode. I watched the video and could not find the page layout in view. Is that only for the mac version? If so why? Is there another way to do it in windows version. Same thing with the sync files. does not seem like the places for commands are the same as it is in the video

View menu, Enter Full Screen (or F11).

Thanks. Now that I am more familiar with the program I have less frustrations.

Have I misunderstood? F11 does give something like a page layout, but doesn’t show page breaks - so screenwriters still can’t tell how long their scripts are … what else is needed?

unfortunately I’m stuck (temporarily) with a windows laptop …

It will be coming to Windows … remember the Mac version has 5 years’ head-start on the Windows version.


Pagination is not displayed as a virtual sheet of paper in the text editor. However you can easily grab the page length of your project from the Project/Project Statistics menu command. The one you’ll be interested in is the second “Printed” page count. The other is just a quick estimate based on typical paperback word density.

I wondered about the page statistics bit. Thanks, Ioa. Hope to return to full Mac working before too long!