Is there a plan to integrate Scrivener with Scapple?

Scapple is pretty much the perfect tool to jot down ideas / notes as I am writing. It would be great to be able to integrate that ideas format into the composition format of Scrivener.

Otherwise, both are incredible programmes.

Thank you.

The idea of integrating the two programs has come up before. The challenge is that there’s no clear mapping between a Scapple board and a collection of files (represented by Scrivener’s Binder).

You can put a Scapple file in Scrivener’s Research folder, which will allow you to view and open it from within Scrivener. And you can export from Scapple to OPML, among other Scrivener-importable formats.

But no, there are no plans for tighter integration.


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How about an internal shortcut like (⌥-Z or X) that could launch Scapple from within Scrivener “Identical to what is already in place for Scratchpad” yet have the main file stored on the hard drive as a completely separate file (just like Scratchpad does) meanwhile never actually launching the separate app? Again, Scratchpad doesn’t actually open TextEdit but for all intents and purposes… That’s what it is utilizing.

I don’t know, maybe im wrong. but it is a thought.

Scapple doesn’t use TextEdit, though. There’s no way to edit a Scapple board without launching Scapple.

(Well, the Scapple format is XML, so I guess you could brute force it with a text editor, but doing so would be pretty painful.)


Scapple is pretty handy. I’m less concerned with Scrivener integration than I am with adding some more mind mapping like features. I’d like to see some templates for timeline creation and perhaps a “Cause & Effect” template. I don’t know if I’d want it to compete with xMind, or Freeplane and the like. But I think there are things that it could “borrow” from other productivity apps and not necessarily from just mind mapping software, but maybe even from Scrivener and its competitors.

I find it useful for analysis of the “Broad Strokes” of a plot or character. Things that could make this faster or easier would be very helpful for me. Right now, everything is built from scratch, every time, and I find it difficult to stay consistent. I’d like to see some standardized basic character notes, Scene, and plot point notes would be nice as well. Maybe a 3 act Story structure or Save the Cat template would be useful. As would a standard set of controls to create a hierarchy of notes.

I don’t want to replace the detailed tree structure of Scrivener, But I’d like to be able to “Hint” at it!

Scapple doesn’t directly support templates, but you can easily create them. Create a board with whatever basic structure you want, save it, and then duplicate as needed.