Is there a predefined compiler layout that duplicates the heading indentations in the binder?

I have a highly structured project with many heads and sub-heads in the binder. I’d like to compile it to a Word doc so that the headings are displayed in the Word with the heading indentations that appear in the binder. Is there a simple way to do this? I’ve read through the compiler documentation and tested the built-in layouts but can’t figure this out. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

That’s what happens when you compile as-is. Below is what the option looks like (Mac, but similar on Windows). Choose that setting in the section layout or layouts for section types assigned to the documents in question.


No, how the Binder titles are displayed in the Binder is setup under Tools → Options, and it does not carry over to the compile settings. You have to define how the Binder titles should be included in the text when you decide how the layout should be. Binder titles are not part of the Editor text.

Probably you could try the predefined “Full Indented Outline”. What you ask for can be controlled via the compile option Transformations > “Add indent per outline level”.