Is there a problem with the update?

After I updated I seem to be encountering a strange problem with regards to the publisher quotations.

The quotes always seemed to stay within my default font (Optima 12pt). After the update this morning I found that it converts the ending quote or alt quote mark by changing the font to Lucida Sans. Then anything I type after the close quote (reg. or alt.) I am in the Lucida Sans font and not the default font of Optima as defined by the default style sheet.

Is this happening to anyone else? I am at a loss to why it has suddenly cropped up as a problem. I didn’t want to report it as a bug because I don’t know if it is related to my machine make up only or if this is something that is occurring with the new update to 1.5.

Any ideas? It only seemed to be happening since this mornings update.



I’m having a problem updating as well. It’s hanging on “Installing update…” for half an hour now. I’m afraid to force quit but am not sure what else to do…

William - nothing has changed in that regard in Scrivener 1.5, so I’m not sure what is causing that. You could zip up the project and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with details on how to reproduce it and I’ll take a look.

Brett - this was a known problem in the first few hours of the update yesterday, but it should have been fixed. Force quit and restart Scrivener. It should have updated successfully. In the first few hours there was a file missing in the updater that meant that although it updated correctly, it could not relaunch the program and thus hung.

All the best,

Thanks, all sorted out now.

Okay this is strange… I opened a blank novel project and typed some random items and used quotes and alt quotes just to see if I could replicate the problem.

It didn’t work.


Now when I go back to my original project file it no longer happens!.. go figure.

File it under: Car won’t misbehave once the mechanic is in the room…