Is there a reason why keywords are not visible in outliner?

I keep wanting to see/edit them there, and sorry if I have asked this before.

The reason is that there is no easy way to edit a list of items in a single field in a Cocoa table or text view. The best control for this would be a token field (the sort of field you get in Mail when you type in e-mail addresses, putting a blue rounded rectangle around each item). Unfortunately this sort of control cannot be added to an outline or table view. So I’m afraid it’s a technical problem more than a conceptual one.

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Even just a read-only view of the tags would be very useful, as I can’t find any other place to get an non-local view of my tags. One could always do any edits in a split window.

A read-only view wouldn’t be good as it would be closely followed by cries of, “Why can’t I edit the keywords?” You can view the keywords in the inspector - the inspector shows whichever document is selected in the outliner.
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Don’t mean to nag, and I do know it is your call to make. But please let me make my case better.

The inspector view is really nice, but strictly local. I might use tags to track characters, themes, topics, … any number of things. I really want to have a view of how these tags are spread across my entire book e.g. Nora appears in Ch 1, Ch 2, and never again until Ch 19. Oh! maybe I should change that.

I cannot get that view, or anything remotely close, from the Inspector. And the Outliner with its collapse/expand and columns is the perfect (and only) place for that kind of overview. Read-Only is prefectly OK.

Out of curiousity, how would looking for Nora’s name among all the keywords in all the documents in the outline give you more of an overview than, say, a keyword search and its resulting list of Nora-related documents? I’m genuinely intrigued, because to me the former seems overwhelming, and any single keyword easy to miss.

Are you really looking to do a frequency search?

From the manual, here is a tip that might address your issue:

Statistics Section

Text Statistics: Brings down a sheet displaying statistics for the current document (and
thus only available when a text document has the focus). Click on the disclosure triangle
next to “Word Frequency” to view a table displaying word frequency analysis for the
current document.

Tip: To analyse word frequency in the whole of the draft, select the Draft folder in the
binder and enter an Edit Scrivenings session. You can then bring forward the Document
The View Menu Statistics sheet for the whole of the draft text.


But I specifically do not want to search for an individual keyword. I want to get an overview of tags across the document, just as I want an overview of synopsis, label, status, word count, etc.

To push to an admittedly absurd counter-example : Why would you want to see the synopsis in an outline? Or the label? Or status? Or a word count? Why not do a search for the document, or label, or status, or … and then feast examine all its detail in the inspector? Surely Tags are an important enough member of the tool-kit to merit a place in the outline view?

Sounds like you are looking for smart views, which would provide story arcs for your characters. I don’t know if this would be doable.

I’m sure smart views would be nice, but I’m looking for something much simpler / more basic. Just want to see, in a single overview-like mode (like the Outliner), what tags I have in what documents – without looking through a detailed view (editor + inspector) of one document at a time.