Is there a revision mode in Scrivener for Windows?

I recently discovered “revision mode” in Scrivener for Mac, and I can only say that I love it. But I can’t find it in Scrivener for Windows. I found in the Options menu the revision colors; but I can’t find the way to switch to revision mode in the manuscript.

Am I missing something, or you’re just planning to include it in future releases? It’s a wonderful feature and I would love to see it in Windows version of Scrivener.

By the way, thank you Lee and all the team for your incredible results on Scrivener for Windows and all this bug hunting. I can see how the software improves release after release.

In answer to your question, yes. The plan is to get Windows up to 1.54, as close as is possible (and where reasonable to do so). Then, once that is accomplished and the code base is stable, 2.0 features will begin development. How long this will take is anyone’s guess. That’s the general answer, but in fact there are already some 2.0 level features in the Windows beta. If you go through point-by-point with the old 1.54 version for the Mac, you’ll find a number of improvements, mainly anything where it would be simpler to code for the final result, rather than to code an intermediate just for the sake of “being 1.54”. A good example is the compile interface. In the 1.54 Mac interface, this was a 3-tab affair that was a jumble of features that had been added over the years. 2.0 re-hauled the entire thing, and changed it to a left sidebar navigation system, so panes could be swapped in and out depending on the target format. This improved design is already in place for the Windows version. Another good example is the level of integration between the view modes. That is all using the new 2.0 flowchart wherever possible, as it would have made no sense to code for the old method only to change it later on.

Excellent news, Amber. Thank you for your detailed explanation.

Aside using Scrivener at home for all my writing (Mac), and using it at work to make my day-job-life easier (Windows), I’m also writing about Scrivener in my blog (in Spanish) on regular basis. People sometimes ask how to download it, when will the new beta version be ready, and stuff like that; so I save them time and announce the updates and new releases. Would you mind if I make an article on the “revision mode” feature (on Mac) and tell readers that Scrivener for Windows will have it at some point?

I think as long as it is made clear that there is no time estimate on the feature as of yet, sure! It’s one of those features that could be quite easy to make and appear very soon, but there are a lot of other things to do as well, so even if it is relatively easy it might be sometime later this year before it appears.

Thanks for taking the time to blog about the project in general, though. :slight_smile:

All right, I’ll be clear on telling it may not happen soon. :wink: People still may ask. It’s happened before: I tell how great Scrivener for Mac is, and Windows users begin asking what about them, and… well… It’s always better if there’s something to say, even if it may take some time.

And about my Scrivener articles… it started as something quite innocent: I just wanted to talk about my “discovery” and share it, and soon Scrivener articles became very popular. And I just keep loving it, so it’s easy to keep writing about it. Specially because my focus is on how to use this kind of tools to increase productivity, and Scrivener is really good at that.