Is There a Size Limit?

When I compile the first 23 chapters of my project, Scrivener crashes, and no Mobi file is produced. If I compile chapters 1-15 or 16-23, all is fine. If I compile all chapters to epub, then use kindlegen to create the MOBI file, the size of the MOBI file is 68 meg.

Is the large size what is causing Scrivener to crash?



I think there is a file limit for .epub files. My compile is successful in creating a 99mb .epub file, but if I add one more page (with images), the compile fails with:
Error generating ePub Book.

I tried to experiment, reducing the number of images one at a time, until a successful compile. The first to succeed was:

From this, I have deduced that there appears to be a 100mb limit.

Does anyone know if this is fixed, or can a setting be changed to increase the limit, please?