Is there a substitute application to DropBox that allows read / write access from multiple locations?

I understand that DropBox is no longer working with my Mac OS 10.12.6 system. I work in multiple locations with a separate computer in each location. Is there any substitute application that will work for users? I hate the idea of using a jump drive to swap files every time I work on a different computer sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Try Resilio Sync - it syncs without a cloud.

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Thanks very much. I’ll check it out.

I don’t believe it’s recommended by L&L, however I have found Sync to be reliable in the tests I’ve done thus far.

I believe another member of this forum has used Sync for some time.

Sync used to have a problem maintaining the “package” that is a Mac Scrivener project, so it would end up as a folder on sync’ed machines. I think they fixed that a while ago. If not, you can just ZIP the package on the originating machine, and it will be okay when unzipped on other machines.

Are you still using Scrivener 2 if you’re running 10.12.6 then? And are all of your computers in all locations running Scrivener 2? If any of the computers are newer, they’ll have to run Scrivener 3 and you’ll want the same version of Scrivener on all devices. If you are able to update your OS to 10.13, you can run Scrivener 3 everywhere and also be compatible with Dropbox again. Just something to put on your radar if you hadn’t considered it!