Is there a thesaurus function planned for a future release?

Your compliment of writing tools already included in the windows version of Scrivener are wonderful. I only find one missing, and wonder if a thesaurus function might be added to the next version. I find it very helpful when I start using a particular word overly much.

Thanks for your consideration of this feature, Lunarclipper


There are no plans at the moment simply because we would have to roll our own Thesaurus. It depends on whether we can find a good third-party solution that will integrate with Scrivener and has a decent licence (although I need to check all of this with Lee - the Mac version’s thesaurus is just the standard OS X one that is built into the system).

All the best,

Thesaurus/Dictionary are the top items on my wish list as well.

I wonder if there is a third-party product that can be purchased separately that could then be quickly invoked from within Scrivener?

Thanks for the great product… love the paradigm; it’s so much more straightforward (and capable) than anything else I’ve seen.

If you don’t need the bibliography/citation manager thing, you could set it up to launch the thesaurus software instead. All that feature does is launch/activate whatever program you specify in the General preferences tab.

If I was going to implement a good thesaurus, I might start with Princeton’s WordNet,