Is there a treasure trove of templates somewhere?

I’ve upgraded to Scrivener 2.02, and have spent a good chunk of today in this forum looking for Scrivener templates - is there some treasure trove somewhere?

Not yet, although it’s an idea that I think Keith and Ioa are intending at some point to implement (after they’re back from holiday and catch up and have time). There’s been so much work with 2.0 that it just hasn’t happened yet. Meanwhile a few people have made some 2.0 templates or upgraded old ones, so if you search you may find them on the forums, scattered around. I know there are a few in Tips & Tricks, maybe also here or in Zen. (Hero’s Journey is one; there’s a Project Management sort of one; there’s at least one academic one.)

Thanks Mimetic! And I’d be willing to spend a bit of time on making some sort of Scrivener Templates a reality, although I would sort of expect Lit/Lat to want ownership.

Simplest way to do it would be a Templates 2.0 subsection at this forum, with a sticky post at the top that you use these community authored templates at your own risk, with a Creative Commons link so template authors could proactively set copyright usage in a standardized way.

We could do a sticky post in the meantime, but ultimately we want a page on the site where users can upload templates - it’s a thorny one because of copyright issues and ensuring we are not liable for any infringements, so we need to look into it more. It is certainly on the radar though!


Understood re the copyright issues. I’m thinking that requiring those who post templates to set their Creative Commons confort level gets you off the hook, and having easy to copy and paste format text in the sticky post will make it easier to find templates by use.

I’ll volunteer creating the text of the sticky post, summarizing CC and how it works, if you want me to :mrgreen: