Is There a Way for Find and Replace to EXCLUDE Snapshots?

Just as the title asks. I want to do a Project Find/Replace, but I don’t want to affect snapshots. I’d like to preserve earlier drafts for posterity. Any thoughts?

Are you talking about Project Search and Replace? Because that window has a check-box for snapshots that you can de-select. In my oppinion, that should be off by default, but it’s absolutely a feature.

EDIT: That’ll teach me to try something before posting. The standard (not Project-) Search / Replace interface has no way to de-select snapshots, and it does affect them. This is in the Beta version, as I don’t have access to the current (version 1.x) release anymore.

That seems like a bug. In fact, I’m quite surprised that something you can’t un-do (any of the search/replace functions) would affect snapshots. Shouldn’t they always be excluded from any kind of editing, short of deleting the snapshot entirely?

I can confirm that the standard search & replace function does NOT modify snapshots in the Mac version 3 Scrivener, and that the project replace window has the Snapshots check-box de-selected by default.

I’ll post in the Beta forums with this info, since it’s a problem with that version too.