Is there a way for Scrivener to count how many times a phrase has been used in the manuscript?

For example. I would like to know how many times “it worked” appears in the entire manuscript. Is there a way? I know you can do a search to find out how many pages it appears in, but it can appear more than once in a page. I would like the number for the entire manuscript

The only way I can think of involves using compile.
So, at this stage, might as well suggest that you look for an app that has it built in, and that you scan your compile with it. (It’d be much better than the “spin on your head” suggestion I’d otherwise have. And that I won’t even bother to expose, so stupid it is. ← My idea, not Scrivener.)
Google chrome, Explorer, pretty much any browser should do, if you compile to PDF.

This is also problematic when using project search. Because other than using Find’s navigation (or scrolling yourself, looking for something that might not be there, whatever), you have no clue as to whether where project search lands you in a document is the only instance or if there is more down the document.
I think that having a count in the binder/search result (just like the option to show sub-documents count) would be great.

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Might get at sideways by looking in statistics at word frequency or pro writer’said has an echo report

Yeah, this is what I’d do. In my case, I’d compile to .docx and use Word’s find feature for the count.

Don’t have word, I wonder if open office would have that feature. I would assume so.

That’s a PDF in Microsoft Edge.

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In statistics if click word frequency starts by most frequent words and can eliminate words like the, etc. Next to word is a small caret and can arrange words in alphabetical order and show frequency of word in whole document/Novel

thanks for the reply, but I’m looking for a way to get the total phrase count in a manuscript, not word count.

Can’t be done in Scrivener. The closest would be to get word frequency for a somewhat unique word that’s part of the phrase.

You can get a count of the number of documents using the phrase, but not the number of individual instances.