Is there a way of chaging text colour on iPhone? (without changing the default font colour)

I just want a way to highlight some text and change the test colour, without changing the default colour

Yes, this is pretty easy to do, though for text colour you’ll want to add a button to help make it easier. First select the text you want to change, and then scroll through the available buttons in the extended keyboard row, until you see an icon that looks like a highlighter. Tap that, and then the colour you want.

For text colour, tap and hold on any of the buttons you’d like to replace, alignment may be a good one if you never use that. Scroll down the list of available buttons looking for a multi-colour wheel icon labelled “Text Color”. Once you have that, the routine is the same for highlighting text.

While you were in the button customisation menu, you may have noted you can add preset colours and highlights to the toolbar as well. If you tend to use three or four frequently, it might be nice to have the toolbar set up for one-tap application.

Thanks very much! I didn’t realise that that bar was customizable