Is There A Way to Add The Same Text to A Custom Metadata Field in Several Scenes At The Same Time?

I have created a Custom Meta Data field called ‘Season’, and I would like to add ‘Summer’ to that field for 10 or 12 scenes in one go (so that I do not have to type it into the ‘Season’ field manually each time).

I have tried selecting those 10 or 12 scenes in the Outliner, and when that did not work, I selected those scenes in the Binder. But when I click on one of the scenes to add ‘Summer’, I can only add it for that one scene.

I have also tried to right-click, but the menu I get when I do that does not have any options to select a meta data field.

Is it possible to do this?

If so, how?

Thanks for any replies.

Unfortunately no, it can’t be done.
(I had the same “problem” a few weeks ago.)

The best thing to do is to select those documents in the binder and switch the view to the outliner where you can quickly and easily paste the metadata content from one document to the others.
You still have to do it manually for each, but at least like that you exclusively have those documents all lined up in a single place.

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But if use keywords can add to multiple files at once by highlighting and dragging the keywords on to. So could make a season keyword group with each season as a sub key and do multiple files at once.

Thanks very much, Vincent_Vincent.

Yes, that is what I had been doing up to now.

Do you think it is worth making this request to the Scrivener development team?

Thanks, GoalieDad.

That is a very creative suggestion, and I will consider it, but will most likely just stick to ‘manually’ updating the Custom Meta Data field I have created.

It is up to you, but I can easily see this stalling at the bottom of the priority list for a good while…


That could be; then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I think I will make the request.

There’s also a type of custom metadata where you create lists of values that you then choose from. That type would be ideal for seasons, as you’ll only have a few choices. Also, you can’t enter typos, except when creating the list of choices.


Thanks very much, Rdale.
I feel like an idiot, because I have been aware of that ‘list’ feature in Custom Meta Data, because I have been creating Custom Meta Data fields of other sorts over the past few weeks, so I have no idea why I did not think of using the list field to set the seasons.

Many thanks, again.

I actually almost pointed that out, but I figured you had your reasons and already knew about it :wink: