Is there a way to alphabetize in Scrivener?

Hello. Some of you might know I am using scrivener (also) to file information for my Master of Wine.
We have Five major Subjects (let’s call them Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3, Paper 4, Paper 5

I’ve set these five papers up as major folders.

Beneath each, I’ve listed topics specific to what that paper covered.

So for example, Paper 1

Grape Varietal
Trellis System
(a few dozen others)

The topics are all scrambled without any kind of alphabetical organization. Is there a way the system can do that for me? Thanks in advance.

On the Documents menu, there is a Sort function. Click on the top-level item whose sub-items you want to sort (e.g., Paper 1). Then do Documents > Sort > Ascending (assuming you want A-Z rather than Z-A). The program will give you a warning that this can’t be undone. If you click Continue, the sort will happen immediately. I don’t use this function regularly myself–in fact, I just found it–but it does seem to work reliably in some brief testing.

Thanks I will try it