Is there a way to alter the way corrections work?

I am a lousy typist, so I like the idea of letting scrivener correct my typos as I go. The problem is it tends to make it worse sometimes. The biggest issue is that it so often wants to change my typos into proper names. If I write hadn I meant hand, not Haydn. It has corrected some of my words to names I hadn’t even thought of. So if I could take out proper nouns, that would go a long way.

Also, there are certain words that I typically mistype. For example I often type hte when I wanted the. Scrivener thinks I wanted hate. If there were someplace where I could tell Scrivener that hte should automatically become the, well, the world would be a better place. Does such a thing exist?


Hello Chellb,
The facility you are looking for is under corrections. To get there go to menu tools/options/corrections and then find the little box marked enable additional substitutions; put a tick in it and then click on the edit substitutions button. Click the + sign in the box and put in your dodgy spelling followed by the correct one. This will change automatically as you type in the editor. Good luck with your writing.

How cool is that! Thank you so much!

Heads up about adding corrections. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Scrivener didn’t like the word tighter. Every time I would try to type it, Scrivener would change it first to tigther (while I was still typing the word) and then to together (once I hit space). If I hit control z to undo Scrivener’s correction it would go back to tighter and Scrivener would not put a red line to indicate it was a misspelling. I couldn’t figure out why it would change the word if it didn’t consider it misspelled.

Then I remembered one of the “edit substitutions” I had added was for “hte” to be changed to “the” since hte is one of my personal common typos. So every time I was typing that combination of letters Scrivener was dutifully correcting it. I changed it in my substitutions list by adding a space in front and back and now it works as it should.