Is there a way to change the project name?

Hi all, new scrivologist here. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I did try and search for the answer, but no luck. Is there any way to change a project name. In other apps I would use a save as to change a name.
For example, I start a new project that I have no name for yet. I name it “My new novel”. After a few hours or day, I come up with a name for my novel, like “My Best New Novel Yet”. I have all my character profiles, locations, plot, etc. under the name “My new novel”. So how can you change the project name?

Thanks in advance.


Save your project and quit Scrivener.
In the Finder, select the project and duplicate it. (Cmd-D)
Give the duplicate a new name.
Start that file. It will now have your new project name.
You will have to launch it manually, as S will look for the earlier version.

However, keep in mind that you may also duplicate a Draft folder.
Close up the folder, select it, and Cmd-D.
Give the duplicate a new name.
Drag the old folder down to Research, stored as an early draft.

But if you want a new project name for everything, use the first method.
And launch it manually, for S to learn its file path.

Thanks Druid for your prompt reply. And thanks for the tip. Tried it and success. Life is easier again.